Next 29er tires?

So, I was doing some looking at a customer’s bike today. He has Geax Saguaro’s in 2.2, and they look pretty legit. Fairly good looking sidewall for tubeless, light but effective appearing tread, good volume. Anyone here run them? I know the A-cat guys seem to love them, but I wonder are they good for much else other than racing. I’ll keep the Ignitor look-alikes until the snow is gone and the woods firm up again, but I reckon my legs will be massive by then. They are HEAVY!!!

What is everyone else out there running, and how do you like it? I want a nice robust trail tire that grabs well.

Love my Racing Ralphs on the Anthem, and I gotta recommend the Snakeskin sidewalls. Didn’t take long to wear through the regular sidewall but I was riding at Wrandees, Whopper and Fight Trail with them. I think it’s worth the extra 100 grams per tire for the extra protection.

My bike came with Rocket Rons. Tore through a sidewall within a few rides. Definitely not a good tire for rough stuff, but they’re very light.

I replaced the Rocket Rons with a Hans Damph (2.35" TrailStar version) on the front and a Nobby Nic (2.25" SnakeSkin version) on the rear. After a little over 1000 km, the Nobby Nic’s tread is warn to the point where climbing on a loose surface is tough. The Hans Damph looks nearly new though. Both performed great for the first 800 km or so though.

Not sure how the Hans Damph would have fared on the rear, but I’m considering trying one there. How many kms do others get out of their tires?

I had Racing Ralphs and they were great other than the pinchflats. They are light duty, but I might try them still in 2.25 set up tubeless. I used to like Rocket Rons on my 26" bike. The key seems to be more biting edges instead of huge lugs.

And as far as wear goes, I don’t had an doo, so I don’t know, but any decent tire is going to wear quick on the rear if you sspend any time on granite or pavement.

I spent some more time researching UST. I have blown both the Racing Ralph and Nobby Nic off the front of the Anthem in high grip, high load, situations with DT Swiss rims. It’s a little late for me to switch to a complete UST setup now, but I will be seriously looking at this when it’s time to replace tires (…and rims…).

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