Nine Mile River - prep for AHC

Hey folks

Looking to do the AHC in Mabou in July. Spent most of the spring on my road bike and need a little MTB practice to ramp up for the event.

@Rolls …Derek, I recall you are a fan of Nine Mile River and I still haven’t got there yet. Was thinking of heading up on Saturday. Up for it?

@bent6543 …Brent, I need you to show me around Irishman’s Road again, as I was only there once, like a year ago

Mabou is more of an endurance event and I need to keep up with @Adam, so bring on the punishment.


can do Irishman’s…after it dries out a bit… I’d be up for Nine Mile River on the weekend as well, it is notoriously wet there but because it has been so dry for the last few weeks the trail might be fine after this rain settles away.

Nine Mile River is a great trail when it’s dry. Fast and flowy. When it’s wet/muddy it is absolutely hateful.

I think they have done a lot of work there in the last two years trying to get better drainage in, not sure how much that has helped.

I had planned on riding there this Saturday, but with all the rain we are supposed to get tomorrow (35-45mm) and at this point they are calling for 5mm on Saturday, I have my doubts it will be good to ride.

However, if it is good weather Saturday and the trail isn’t complete muck then I would definitely be in for riding there.

@maritimer, good to hear you’ll be at AHC this year, I’m planning to be there too. I’m always up for Nine Mile River. I can probably be there Saturday but won’t know for sure until the end of the week. I’ll let you know.

Cool…weather cooperating, we might even have a nice little group there.

SWMBO might be taking the Ladies MTB class in Wolfville, so she and I might need to coordinate bike carriers and cars…If that’s the case I’ll be leaning towards noon-ish in Nine Mile, unless we travel separately.

Anyone else up for it?

I’d like to join in on this fun. I have never been to 9 mile. where would the parking be?

@xaero 9 Mile River Trailhead

Check the trail section of this site…there’s an entry for 9 Mile and a google maps link

I’m totally in if I can catch a ride with someone…I’ve never been there either, fast and flowy, sounds like I’ll be bringing the rigid bike.

Yes fast and flowy but with a more technical/rooty loop at the end. The loop is a lot like Irishman’s Rd so you shouldn’t have any trouble @bent6543.

Given the expected rain on Saturday, I think I’m going to skip the trip to Nine Mile on Saturday.
Sunday is road ride. I might look at Tuesday evening out there if the weather improves.

Yes, good plan. Maybe our regular Tuesday night group ride could be at 9 Mile?

Keep an eye on the forecast… It had been all rain for Monday and Tuesday, but now looks like just 40% chance on Tuesday. I work from home on Tuesday so it’s easier for me to get away on time.

Need to learn an anti-rain dance. Cross fingers?