Nine Mile River - Public Meeting

Things seem to be moving along with the Nine Mile River Trails. Their newly elected board has another public meeting scheduled for April 23rd.


They are asking for MTBers to attend this one. I’m guessing to offer guidance and help organize build days.

@IanM_MTB, @gtrguy, @Rockhopper, @coaster, @JonnyFever may ne interested in this…

My truck may be still in the shop but if I can get there I will.

Monday night? Conflicts with coaching.

Thanks for the heads up. I will be there.


Hoping to make it. Depends on how exam marking goes this afternoon.

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Same here, planning to make it unless something comes up.

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Thanks for stepping up guys, looks like I can’t make it but would love to know what’s up.

Let them know we (ECMTB) will do what we can if it comes to rallying a work crew, offering advice or just generally showing our support.

I hear from @gtrguy, the meeting tonight was good.

“The president is proactive and pushing things forward. @Rockhopper and @CyclingGirl joined the trail committee to assess the trail and put together an action plan. Some other good stuff going on, I think they’ll be posting minutes on Facebook”

Thanks for the upday @gtrguy and thanks @Rockhopper and @CyclingGirl.


Hopeful for good things for this trail.

We’re planning a trail walk to assess needs on Sunday at 1:00PM. Anyone who would like to join us, especially experienced builders and maintainers, is welcome.


The meeting minutes are up on the Nine Mile River FB page.

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I noticed in the minutes, they were tying to get in touch with me so I sent Clyde LeCoure a message introducing ECMTB and expressing our support.

Thanks again, to those who are helping them… I forgot to mention you too Kevin, (@coaster), thanks.

This is awesome, by the way.


I showed up late but liked how the meeting was run. No nonsense, focused on the priorities. That is how things get done. Much more optimistic this time around.