Nine Mile River storm damage

Was out at Nine Mile river and the storm put down a lot of trees. It’s going to take someone with a chainsaw to clear it out… not much of a ride in the meantime. Thought I’d give a head’s up. Probably lots of other trails in the same shape.

I rode the Lake loop at Whopper on Sunday afternoon and there was zero storm damage there.

Sweet- that’s good to know!

Walked Cobequid yesterday and there was minimal damage… three trees that need to be taken care of. Will get up and get them cleared out in the next day or two.

Any other damage elsewhere? Spider? Fight? The crew in the valley have been working hard to repair any damage…

I’ve heard that the Hadley challenge has been cancelled due to storm damage. Any other reports from nb or pei?

Fight is at it’s ideal fighting weight! Super dry and fast with no deadfall. It does get a little brushy in a few places that haven’t been trimmed back in a couple of years, mainly SSS (the figure eight at the far end of the trail).

Rode Nine Mile River last Thursday evening, trailhead to Comeau lake was good going, 4 trees down across trail, nothing serious though. The loop at the start is obstacle free.