Nine Mile River Trail Fundraiser

Hello, due to Covid-19, NMRTA has not been able to hold fundraising events this year. However, we have found a way to do virtual fundraising through Rafflebox. I have attached a link below:

[Rafflebox - Nine Mile River Trails 50/50 Fundraiser!]

It takes alot of effort and resources to maintain, repair and rebuild trail and boardwalks. For example, the boardwalks being re-built this fall further in Hemlock Cathedral will cost approximately $6,000. As well, it is our hope to break ground on new trail next year.

We appreciate the support of our fellow mountain bikers and trail users.

Good luck and see you on the trail.
Janet and Eric, NMRTA


Thanks for posting this :blush:

Got my tickets! Thanks NMRTA!

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That is awesome! Thanks and good luck.

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Just bought a batch of tickets. I hope others are too.

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