Nine Mile River Trail Work Day Saturday April 20

Next Work Day at the Nine Mile River Trail will be Saturday April 20, 10:00AM-13:00.

Plans are to:

  • Lift up and support boardwalk C5 to keep it from sagging into water, and improve drainage around and under C5.

  • Improve drainage at the “Bog Corner”

  • Remove spikes and bumpers from boardwalks

  • Clear brush and remove deadfall as needed


Since the weather forecast is calling for rain, the work day is postponed to next Saturday, April 20.

Work Day is on tomorrow. Trail reporters say there is still frost in the ground, so we may be limited in how much ground work we can do. There are still bumpers and spikes to pull from boardwalks and haul the bumpers out of sight, spare wood from the c21 rebuild to cache out of sight, and trees to clear from Hemlock Cathedral.

Two crews at work today.

One crew went through Hemlock Cathedral (the slog loop) and cleared lots of deadfall. Did a little drainage work here and there on Hemlock Cathedral and the main trail.

Other crew cleared rotten bumpers, hammered down the spikes that held the bumpers, and repaired a broken board on one of the boardwalks. The trail looks much better with the rotten bumpers cleared away.

Hoping to do ground work for drainage next work day.