Nine Mile River Work Day Saturday May 4

Work Day this Saturday at Nine Mile, 10AM.

Tasks include:

  • clear some fallen trees on the Pitcher Plant loop

  • lift and support boardwalk C5 that sags into water

  • work on drainage at “bog corner” - a very wet and muddy spot - the ECMTB crew worked on this spot last summer, but we still have lots of water flowing across the trail here.

  • we could use some hikers who would be willing to explore some trails, gps map and prove some routes too.


Work day is on tomorrow. Forecast is calling for rain, but hopefully won’t be too much.
The rain may actually help with the drainage work to make sure the water is flowing properly.

If someone isn’t interested in cutting and digging, we could use some people to do exploratory hiking. There are a couple of doubletrack trails off the Old Comeau Road doubletrack that we hope lead to future construction zones, so we can get equipment and materials to our work sites. We need to know where the trails come out, and their condition.

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Should be good trail work weather. Not to nice where you’d rather be riding but not terrible. Unfortunately I’m out due to work in the AM and helping move stuff in the PM.

Weather was OK. I don’t think it rained at all. Maybe a little drizzly at times.

We cleared fallen trees and exposed roots and rocks on the trail, repaired a couple of boardwalks.

Never got to C5, worked on Bog Corner, or did the exploratory hiking. Many tasks yet to be done…

Next Saturday workday June 3. There may be some work evenings before then.

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