Nine Mile Volunteer Work Day Sunday Afternoon (Nov.19)

Planning a volunteer work day for this Sunday (Nov.19) afternoon, 1:30-4:00pm.

There are some very muddy spots out by the lake that could use rock armoring, and capping with solid gravel/crusher dust. The best time to do machine delivery of this material out there is during the winter, when the ground is frozen hard. Unfortunately, that’s when our gravel/crusher dust piles are also frozen solid. So this weekend, we’re going to get some loads of materials ready for winter delivery. This Sunday we’re going to fill buckets with rocks from the rockpile, and bags with crusher dust and gravel from the piles in the farm field to prep for winter delivery to the far end of the trail.

If we have time and volunteers, we can also repair some ruts on the Big Hill with crusher dust.

The work site is about a 15-minute walk from the trailhead. At the bottom of the Big Hill, turn right toward the river platform instead of left to follow the main trail. Follow the muddy woods road until you see the big crusher dust and gravel piles at the edge of the farm field.

Hope to see you Sunday!