(No longer) Looking for : BMX

Anybody got a decent BMX kickin around theyd want to sell? Not much on kijiji other than dept store or super high end “custom built” where they list all the parts down to the bolts used

@nathan, maybe?

@Nova what’s the budget? I have an used raw frame, we the people at the shop.

Lookin to grab a complete one for a couple hundred. Saw some Kink and Wethepeople on kijiji in my price range but not familiar with the brand. Or any current brands really (my bmx days were Haro oriented in highschool)
Are they solid brands?

@Nova you should talk to @Jed_Yaskon about a bmx. He knows way more than me, he also left one in the basement.

Might pull the trigger on a Verde bmx looks neat and price is right

Aaaand check


Verde Prism