No longer looking: Shimano 6-bolt 203mm rotor

Found what I needed

Plain stamped steel RT-66 is fine, even better if it’s the fancier RT-76 or RT-86.

rt75 any good to you?

I appreciate the offer but I think I’ll hold out for the newer style rotors

@jeter my understanding is that Shimano now has some stock on these and LBS should be getting some soon. At least for the 160 mm size. Not sure on the 203’s.

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Could you drop down to 180mm until the parts drought ends? Should be plenty for a front brake of a trail bike around these parts.
I can find a ton of 160/180 shimano rotors around but the 203mm seems to be the hard one to find.

For whatever reason 203 rotors seem to be sold out everywhere I’ve looked. I have spare 160 and 180 rotors, but need 203 for this bike. Thankfully I’m not in a crunch, I have some Sram rotors I can run for the time being, it’s just one of the last pieces to the puzzle to ‘finish’ this bike.

I was hoping it might be something someone had sitting in a parts bin collecting dust.

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Ha ha, different priorities. I can certainly appreciate wanting a complete consistent parts group. But, for me it’s “is the rotor round/not warped? Does it stop?”