Non boost wheel on a boost fork?

So I’m shopping around for a new fork but I’m running a 15x100 axle at the moment. Any tricks to doing this or is a new front wheel in the cards as well?

Depending on who makes your hub there may be adapter kits available to space the hub and rotor. I believe the adapters also involve re-dishing the wheel to keep it center.

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They make adapter kits for some hubs. Off the top of my head it’s usually a couple end caps for the hub and a spacer for the brake rotor.

Do you know what brand front hub you’ve got?

Yeah, it’s a Spank. I was a little worried about having to re-dish the wheel. I see that Wolftooth and Velosolo make kits that are basically rotor spacers and new end caps.

Some insight from a wheel builder about boosting non-boost wheels;

Giving your old wheels a boost

If you can get an adapter kit for your hub that doesn’t require re-dishing your wheel, that sounds like the better route to go.


I was thinking I read something recently on this subject, thanks.

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There are actually adaptors on the Spank website that are just a couple end caps, no rotor adaptor and The wheel doesn’t require re- dishing. Perhaps I’ll check that out until I can justify getting a new front wheel as well as buying a new fork.

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There’s this option if your Spank hub is an Oozy or a post 2016 Spike hub-

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Pretty much all sold out everywhere. My Brother has a “guy” in Calgary who seems to have one.