Not Ideal

I just stopped by Ideal bikes.
They’ve been locked out by the landlord. I hope it’s not the end for them.
Anyone have any more details?


Shitty. Those things don’t usually work out in favour of the business.

Damn, this isn’t good :frowning:

Not paying your bills (rent for instance) rarely does, right?

Shitty. I have to admit I haven’t been great at supporting them over the years due to the location, Cyclesmith and halifax cycles seems to get most of my money.
They were handy though when my buddy realized he needed a new tire right before a ride at whopper.

Guess that confirms it :frowning:

That really sucks, I liked going in there

Was only there once and it was to deliver a customer’s bike from cyclesmith to ideal. Seemed like a nice shop.

Dang it. Nice bunch of folks running that place, too.

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It bothers me that there are so many empty units in Bayers Lake and they are charging untenable rents and bulldozing our finest trails.