Nova Scotia Bike Park Info (Dirt Jumps/BMX/4-Cross/Mountain Bike Skills)

I contacted the person putting together the BNS Bicycling routes book suggesting that Nova Scotia Bike Parks (Dirt Jump, BMX track, 4-Cross, Mtb Skills Parks) be included.

I’m having trouble finding info on what parks are still active around NS. HRM doesn’t seem to list any info on their website. I don’t know if they’ve given up maintaining their parks.

Could we put together a list of active (and inactive/defunct) bike parks?

In no particular order:


Glenbourne (Clayton Park Halifax) (Jumps and Pumptrack) - Google Maps

Mount Edward Rd. (Dartmouth) (Jumps and Pumptrack) - Google Maps

Shubie Park (Dartmouth) (Paved Pumptrack, Trails)

Eastern Passage Common BMX Park (Eastern Passage) (Jumps, Pumptrack) - Google Maps

Fall River Dirt Jump Park (Fall River) (Jumps) - Google Maps

Mcdonald Sports Park (Waverley) (Skills, Trails) - Google Maps

Charles Rd. Community Park (Timberlea) (Jumps and Pumptrack) - Google Maps

Brunello (Timberlea) (Skills, Trails) - note there is a cost to use Brunello - Google Maps

Three Brooks Bike Park (Hubley) - Google Maps

Leeward Drive (Tantallon) (Jumps) - Google Maps

Williamswood (Old Sambro Rd./Williamswood) (Jumps) - Google Maps

Maplewood (Hammonds Plains) (Jumps) - Google Maps

Laurie-Lively Park (Middle Sackville) (Pumptrack) - Google Maps

Reservoir Park (Wolfville) (Jumps, Pumptrack, Skills, Trails) - Google Maps

Burgher Hill (Kentville) (Four-Cross) - Google Maps

The Gorge (Kentville) (Jumps, Skills, Trails) - Google Maps

Berwick Skillpark (Berwick) - (Skills, Jumps, Pumptrack) - Google Maps

Grand Desert Bike Park (St. Therese Community Center) (Jumps, Berms, Pumptrack) - Google Maps

Victoria Park (Truro) (Jumps, Pumptrack, Skills, Trails) - Google Maps

New Glasgow Town Skills Park (New Glasgow) (Jumps, Pumptrack, Skills) - Google Maps

Keppoch/Antigonish Kinsmen Bicycle Skills Park (near Antigonish) (Pumptrack, Skills, Trails) - Google Maps

Port Hawkesbury Pumptrack (Port Hawkesbury) (Paved Pumptrack) -Google Maps

Marc Park (Bridgewater) (Jumps, Skills, Trails) - Google Maps

Mersey Skatepark (Liverpool) - Google Maps


Beaverbank Road (Kinsac)
Brookside Bike Park (Prospect Rd./Hatchet Lake)
Cameron Park (Wellington)** (Jumps) - Google Maps
Delaney Bike Park (Delaney Dr./Beaverbank)** (Pumptrack) - Google Maps


Good idea.

I made this post a wiki so others can edit your list, @Rockhopper.

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Thanks, Jeff.

I found an old thread I posted from 2012. From it I found a list of parks at Shoreline:Dirtworks:

Parks I don’t know about:

Brookside Bike Park
Delaney Drive Pump Track

Anyone know if these are active?


Queens Skatepark in Liverpool was expanding last year. @TrailFlow was working on it. Not sure if it’s completed yet.

Brookside did not receive any maintenance last year. I believe we are just letting it pass.
The others were serviced last year but no new dirt. Just hand work. They will hopefully all get service this year - especially being included on the map(s).

Thanks @nimzie!

Williamswood pump track got plowed under a couple of years ago for some reason. The dirt jumps are still there but aren’t in very good shape sadly.

I believe part of the Liverpool project (phase 1) was completed last year but the pump track and MTB skills area are still to come. Not completely sure though as TrailFlow was just a helping hand alongside the municipal staff who were the main park builders.


There’s also the pumptrack/skills park at the base of keppoch!
Unfortunately, Proposals for converting my backyard to a pumptrack have been thus far rejected by the missus…

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Keep asking, My birthday present the first year we were in our house was a load of dirt to build a backyard pumptrack.

There is a new skatepark under construction in Kentville, by the new KCA/soccer dome.


Thanks @MichelleLikesBikes. I’ll leave it under Not Sure until we have more info on what’s there. It’s definitely an active skatepark, suitable for BMX and DJ bikes, but hopefully someone can provide info on what’s happening with the dirt features.

If someone on ECMTB is in the area, could they scope out the park for us?

I was specifically thinking dirt parks when I started making this list, but I maybe should make up a BMX/bike-friendly skatepark list as well.


@CyclingGirl and I did a tour today. We dropped in at the parks around HRM that I wasn’t sure about.

Beaverbank (Kinsac skatepark):
A track has been marked out using drainage pipe. Doesn’t look like it’s meant for bikes. There’s only one berm and a couple of small bumps. My guess is it’s for racing RC cars. I guess it could make for some fun 2-up flatland mountain bike racing.

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Delaney Rd. Pumptrack (Beaverbank):

Still there. A little grown in with grass. Doesn’t look like it’s getting a lot of use, but looks like it would be rideable when it dries up.


Maplewood (Hammonds Plains):
Looks to be in decent shape, although a bit grassed in, so I’m not sure how much use it’s getting. Some of it is rutted, so some bikes have been through it.

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Brookside (Prospect Road/Hatchet Lake):
Like @nimzie said, it didn’t receive maintenance, so the grass and bushes have really grown up on it. The center jump line doesn’t actually look to be in that bad shape (possibly because it’s not being ridden much). There is a bare track over the jumps and the tabletops themselves seem to be ok to ride (although we didn’t today because it was very wet and soft).

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Williamswood (Old Sambro Rd./Williamswood):
Jumps look to be in decent shape, except that it looks like someone took a Dirt motorbike through and left a deep rut.

So that makes 15 active (i.e. maintained) dirt bike parks around NS that I’m aware of. I’ll have to take my jump bike on a tour this spring and summer.

I may get out to take a look at Eastern Passage today.


Found a couple more that I didn’t know about on Trailforks:

New Glasgow Town Skills Park
Antigonish Kinsmen Bicycle Skills Park

Anyone know the status of these parks? @nimzie?

Antigonish kinsmen park is at Keppoch. It’s well maintained and well used. It’s already listed above as Keppoch in the active section.

Oops. Thanks @Rolls . List updated.

Forgot about Mcdonald Sports Park! I only ride there a few dozen times a year. Not sure how to classify the bike park… Skills I guess.

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