Nova Scotia Bike Park Info (Dirt Jumps/BMX/4-Cross/Mountain Bike Skills)


Orchard St and Spartan Ave… Don’t know the status maybe @Pepperjester will chime in.


Yep, It’s off of Orchard St, and yes you can go ride :slight_smile:

The first round of features in place and open. The immediate next round of building (starting tomorrow!) will involve starting on a gravel trail around the park. This will give more options for the users and gives riders access to future skills areas.

P/S Don’t worry - gravel trails don’t need to be flat, they can get rollers too!

I’ll snap a few more photos - maybe even some video of the set up tomorrow.


more shots from the Berwick Park…


Is it time to add the Berwick park to the master list at the top? What’s the official name of the park?


Based on the link click counters it looks like your list is being well used.

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it’s not on google maps or trailforks yet but the person on the trailflow instagram page said he’s working to get it on asap


Thanks, @JeffV. Good to know.

I was updating the Google Maps links, and the Eastern Passage BMX Park looks like it has two other names on Google Maps - Oceanview BMX Park, and The Passage Jump and Pump Track. Under both names it says “Closed”. Is this park no longer active? @nimzie?


If someone is in Liverpool sometime, could they check out the park near the skatepark and provide an update on what the state of the bike park is?


Berwick skillspark:




Berwick added to the master list at the top. What features are there - I see from the pictures, mountain bike skills. Are there jumps? Pump track?