Nova Scotia Trails Strategy

I meant to attend the announcement last Tuesday at the BLT trailhead, but had other things going on, forgot about it and missed it.

The main info is on this page:

The actual document is a PDF that you can access with the link on the bottom called “Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia (PDF)
For the summary, go to page 7.

Sounds pretty good to me, I think. Basically, increase coordination, collaboration, planning, training, funding, and promotion. First step will be to put together a committee to implement the strategy.

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To me the hype was big and a bit misleading, basically it is money to hire people to implement a plan to help coordinate different trail groups to try to work together to build trails.

The announcements tended to say ,X$million dollars for trails, which made it seem like they were going to actually spend the money building trails which they are not as far as I can tell.