Nova Scotia's First Gran Fondo

The Municipality of Clare and their local shop, Velo Baie Sainte Marie will be hosting Nova Scotia’s first Gran Fondo! Mark September 27th on your calendar.

Should I ask the obvious question?

WTF is a Grand Fondo?

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A Gran Fondo is a timed ride on closed roads. Usually 100km+ some do it as a race some do it as a ride.

Not necessarily closed roads. Especially in Nova Scotia. They’re a bike race that isn’t a race.

Muddy- thanks for asking that question, I had no idea either… LOL

I guess I should have said traditionally on closed roads…some places manage to get one lane closed but even that would be a miracle here.

In some places Fondos are serious business, complete with doping scandals an everything.

Road biking is serious business:smile:

PEI has a pretty big one. All road biking is serious.