Old Coach Road?

Anyone here ride the Old Coach Road trail between Old Sambro Road and Prospect Road? Rode it on the weekend for the first time this year- a few puddles in spots but most were shallow with rocky bottoms- they look a lot worse than they actually are… a couple of spots we had to use a workaround. Saw some tracks from other bikes so someone else is riding it. Took a few pics too so maybe I’ll post some later tonight. Was hoping to hit it again this weekend but it looks like it’s going to be too wet.

Does that start at Club Rd, (old Telesat Earthstation)?

No, different place from Club Road… The Old Coach Road trailhead on the Old Sambro Rd side is near the 4 way stop as you turn right onto Old Sambro… there’s a little parking area just past where the houses end. Not sure if you know where I mean or not- a lot closer to Spryfield than Club Road.

I know the one. There are some old foundations about 1 or 2kms in I think. Feels like you’re going up behind the Irving.