Old seatpost

Anybody have an old 27.2 seatpost they wanna get rid for a few bucks?
Just fixing up an old ironhorse i have kicking around here so i can use that for family bike rides in the neighborhood instead of my good bike.
It literally just has to work lol. Dont care about quality
I can get one on amazon or something but i figured id check here first.
Im in coleharbour if anybody is half close.

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Might want to post the post diameter. There are many.

Haha good call thanks

I’ve got a couple to choose from- a Kona or an Easton EA50 that’s a setback post. I work in Burnside and I’ll bring them both to work with me in case you want one. Both in well used but fully functional condition. The Kona has had a bit trimmed off to shorten it. Make an offer.

Id give ya $15 for the kona. No clue if thats a low ball or not lol but like i said this is for a beater. I can get a new one at mec for 17 plus tax just dont wanna wait for online or go to downtown halifax lol.

Works for me… I have them at work in Burnside. Shoot me a PM to set up a time to pick it up.

Hey Dev, I have an old Ironhorse here I’m planning on scrapping out to make the frame into a lamp. You’re welcome to the seatpost seat and whatever other bits you need

Thanks Hayden but im not quite sure when the next time ill be in truro.
Ill grab this seatpost from @gtrguy. But if u wanna throw some of the parts aside i could prob use them and grab them next time I’m out your way.

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Sweet man. I’ll just throw em in a box!

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Replied to your PM

thanks man

You’ve got me curious…be sure to post up a picture on the site when you have it finished!


Thinking cut the rest triangle at the seat tube mig some hinges on and put a bulb downwards from the headtube so i can swing it out and use it as a bench light.