One Up Dropper Post, Thompson stem and post, and other random parts for sale

I found a few more things during my move that I have no use for anymore and figured I should find them a new home.

-First up. My bike currently has a One Up Components 170mm dropper post on it, but if anyone has ever met me they know I am on the tall side, and I want to upgrade to the new 200mm One Up Dropper post, but I am only going to order one if someone wants to buy my current post because even though the One Up post is well priced, I’d rather not have 2. I got this post brand new in Squamish direct from One up at the end of my trip. It works flawlessly and since I got it direct they gave me 2 bonus bushing rebuild kits which will extend the service life of the post of years. The post does not come with a remote as I use a wolf tooth remote and opted to buy this post sans remote to save money. But any cable clamping remote works. I am currently using the post but if someone would like it we can arrange something. 170mm drop and the post is a 31.6mm diameter post. The post is $263 plus tax new and I would like to get $180 for it. No pictures but I can get some. ALl of the specs are on the One Up website, this is the V1 post.

-Thompson Elite X4 stem black. 90mm in length. 31.8mm bar clamp. In good shape with a few crapes and scratches. $25

SOLD-Thompson Elite setback seatpost

-silver evo seatpost. straight with a 2 bolt head. 27.2mm diameter and unsure of the length but I can measure, it has never been cut. $5

-3 Giant stems. 70mm, 80mm, 90mm. 31.8mm bar clamp. $5 each

SOLD-size 14 Five Ten Hellcat clipless shoes.

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I’m interested in the Thompson seatpost how much do you want for it? I might be interested in the 90mm Giant stem too.

Forgot to add the price, sorry. $25.

I’m interested in the 170mm Dropper, but need to sort out a remote first.

Send me a message and we can talk about it. When I order the longer post I could always add the One Up remote to the order.

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@IanMHFX not sure how compatible it is, if at all, but I have a plunger remote from a Rock Shox Reverb that I could part with. My post is hydraulic

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Unfortunately the RS hydraulic remote won’t work with the cable droppers. Good lookin out though @muddy!

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I pretty much new that but wasn’t certain if your post was hydro or not. Too lazy to look it up :slight_smile: