Online Enduro Challenge

The Online Enduro Challenge is a unique enduro racing style event in Atlantic Canada. Like the Enduro World Series riders will race the clock on timed stages, only race day is every day and the leaderboards are online.

The Online Enduro Challenge runs from 15 June to 15 September. Timing is maintained on Strava (segment leaderboards) current standings will be updated regularly on ECMTB.

Approximately five stages will be selected in each of the Atlantic Provinces. Racers can register for the province(s) of their choice and then they will have the summer to set their best time on each stage. At the end of the summer the leaderboards for each stage will be checked, times for each province compiled and the racer with the lowest aggregate time will win their category in their province.

It’s easy to get involved, you can register by messaging @supercraig and letting him know what province(s) and category you’re racing, and a link to your Strava profile. From there he’ll follow you and be able to see you on the leaderboards for the race stages.

You need a Strava profile to participate. Your rides for the challenge must be set to public. After your register I’ll follow you and be able to see your rides for the leaderboards.

Race Categories
Open Male- born before 16 September 2004
Open Female- born before 16 September 2004
Junior Female- born on or after 16 September 2004
Junior Male- born on or after 16 September 2004

Segment Selection Criteria

  1. Must be in a known riding area and posted on Trailforks.
  2. Minimum 600 meters in length.
  3. Must be a descending segment with an average grade of -1% or steeper.
  4. If the segment doesn’t exist you can create it.
  5. Avoid popular multi-use trails to avoid user conflicts.
  6. Blue and Single Black Diamond trails are preferred.
    Note: there is a separate segment nomination thread here.


  1. The challenge is on the honour system, there’s no commisaires or course marshalls, but if you are caught cheating you will be removed from the challenge.
  2. You must be registered in the challenge to participate.
  3. Follow the trail, no cheater lines or shortcuts.
  4. No e-bikes or motor assisted rides.
  5. Only results from registered riders count on the leaderboard.
  6. Ride each segment as many times as you like, only your fastest time counts towards your aggregate time.
  7. You must ride all the segments in the province(s) you are competing in. Missing segment times will result in a DNF.
  8. Use only your own GPS time. Manual entries will not count. Using someone else’s file will result in a DQ.
  9. Don’t be a Stravasshole. Respect other trail users and the trail builders/land managers.

If you are interested in registering follow the instructions above.

If you want to nominate a segment for the challenge submit a link to the segment nomination thread.

If you want to know more ask away.

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Registered Riders:

Nova Scotia:
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@Evan29 profile

New Brunswick:
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I think its prudent to put this in hold for now. Once the situation changes I’ll post an update.