Open Ride Day at Gore - July 3rd

Gore is allowing us to ride the trails on July 3rd.

I will update with more information as to what time the trails will be available or when folks might be heading up.

I will be heading in from the Valley so, I do have room for another rider or two.


10Am at mud craft parking lot.

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Emmett and Jillian just won the first leg of Amazing Race Canada. Good for them. Must be the mountain biking that keeps them in such good shape :slight_smile:

Hey all. My wife is going to be kind enough to drop me off tomorrow. Any chance somebody can give me a ride back to lower sackville? I plan on being there for 10 so early afternoon would be ideal.

Late start for me… Just getting ready to leave the city… Maybe meet some of you guys on the trail

Fabulous ride at Gore yesterday. Thanks to the two guys on Giants that were leaving as I arrived for the tips- I rode a section I hadn’t checked out before.

Followed up Gore with a ride at Nine Mile which was also fantastic- what a great day!

Rub it in! I wasn’t able to get there. Someday I’ll get there again.