Outdoor strength class

I will be hosting free strength classes outside every Thursday.
Here is the event info from the Strava page
(If interested please join).

6pm - 7pm ish April 20th

We start with a warm up and a stretch.
Heavy focus on legs (expect hills), with some core and upper body. We use what the environment provides, lots of bodyweight exercises.

Everyone is welcome, it’s up to you how hard you want the workout to be.

Location is Dingle park (aka Sandford Fleming park) The start is by the main parking lot (washrooms are open).

If you come late, walk along the sea wall away from the tower, at the end you should be able to find us.

I recommend coming early and going for a light jog for an extra warm up(this is on your own).

Note: this is not a run (there are only two options in event type). Think circuit, CrossFit, bootcamp etc

Here is the Strava link

If the link doesn’t work search
Outdoor training Halifax

The events will be on instagram but that’s a work in progress.


Still recruiting hard :slightly_smiling_face:
Next Thursday 27th 6pm

Focus will be arms and core (and a little bit of legs). Tabata style, short intervals.

Meeting point: Fort Needham Memorial park, North end of Halifax. Up top on the football field on the memorial end of the field.