Oval vs Round Narrow wide chain rings

Looking to convert a bike to 1x10
Should I go with oval or round
Also are the cheap Amazon ones ok or should I go with a brand name like race face
What size tooth should I go with


Here’s the conversation from another time this came up;
Oval Chainring Question

If the price is the same or very similar for the oval, then that gets my vote. It’s a subtle difference but if you’re already upgrading it’s the perfect time to try one.

I generally go for a 32T, but it depends on the bike, where you ride, and your fitness. 30T - 34T would probably be the norm for a trail bike.

I usually go for good quality parts from known manufacturers. If the price of an amazon chainring is substantially cheaper than a Raceface or similar one, it may be worth the gamble to try and see how it works, but if it’s not that much cheaper I’d go for a known company.

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Thanks great info, Amazon has some for as little as $10.
Will try and upgrade to a race face at $45.

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45 isn’t breaking the bank, and the amazon ring may be fine, but for 35 dollars difference I’d go with a reputable brand. When it comes to drivetrain components the potential for something going wrong under power etc isn’t worth the gamble. My knees (and nuts) don’t like sudden drivetrain failures.


I love the oval chain ring, I went back to a circle one for comparison and put the oval back on. My next bikes, if I can return to riding will also get ovals, I’m sold on them.

Amazon Oval Chain Ring sounds like a long walk back to the car to me.


Was talking with someone with an oval chain ring the other day, they suggested heavier riders generally enjoy them while lighter riders like myself often don’t perceive a difference.

You’d be surprised…

Im 5’6" and 140lbs, I noticed right away. It felt like i would get a little more out of each pedal. Enough i certainly noticed.

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My experience: the more experienced the rider, the less likely they are to notice a difference. I attribute this to experienced riders having developed techniques to improve climbing and reduce slippage on loose climbs. I like my oval ring but didn’t notice a huge difference. @TamBan switched to oval after only a year of riding and saw a huge difference in her climbing.

TL;DR: I’m sold on oval.


Can confirm, i consider myself a new rider after a 15 year hiatus. Certainly makes up for my lack of technique/knowledge.

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