Overnight ride at the Bluff Trail? Is it rideable?

Is it possible to ride the MTB on that trail? I’ve hiked it a few times, but I’m not sure if anyone has done the trail on a bike. I’m planning to to go camping tomorrow so I thought if I could take the bike with me in there. I know some sections would require me to hike a bike which I don’t mind.

Any tips on this?

I’m pretty sure bikes are not allowed on that trail system. There are certainly parts of the trail, a lot of the second loop, that would probably be fun though.

I’ve ridden the old ATV trail on the opposite side of Cranberry Lake from the Buff Trail. It used to go all the way to the far end of the lake. That’s fun to ride, but it’s growing in now.

I’ve always been told that biking is not allowed.

Is it an actual rule and they aren’t allowed or they prefer not to bike on the trails? Bummer.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a trail that is good for an overnight bike ride?

Bikes are definitely banned per the posted signs. As @ghost mentioned though there is an ATV trail on the opposite side of the lake that is rideable.

Jimmy’s Round Top would be a good overnight ride. Haven’t been on it in years so I don’t know what shape its in. Should be nice and dry now though.

Jimmy’s Round seems to be a nice trail but it’s too far. I live in dt halifax and don’t have a car. I’m planning to go there on the bike and gear. Do you know how to access the ATV trail?

I can’t think of any trails that would be good for an overnight ride. If you don’t mind old roads, @Rolls’s suggestion of Jimmy’s Round Top would work. There also a lot of possible places to go in the former Bowater lands off of highway 103, just down the hill beyond exit 5.

I’ve done a couple of rides to backcountry sites at Keji too, but they only let you ride to sites in the southern portion of the park and a lot of that was closed this summer while they were replacing a bridge. That could be an option if the bridge is open again, but that’s just old roads too.

The ATV trail I mentioned probably wouldn’t be great with a lot of gear. It’s only rideable for a fairly short distance anyway.

If you are riding out from the city, maybe Greenhead Road. It should be dry enough after the summer we’ve had.

I haven’t been on Old Coach Road in a while. There’s a nice camping spot by the dam on Big Indian Lake, but it’s only about a 20 minute ride in.


You could head further in on Old Coach Road and camp anywhere along it.

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Lots of good places to ride and camp in the Bowater lands past exit 5. You could ride out on the rail trail and get into it just past the Bike and Bean.

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I’ll check them out! Thank you a lot