Took a header today at the Fight Trail. Good for 8 stitches.The doctor said it was more like a scrape from a cheese grater. One big gash and three other smaller rips. It hurt like hell. t was one of those quick steep ups. We call those Bursts. I was in too low of a gear and had nothing to push on when it was time to wheelie to set my wheel on top and I just drove hard into the face and over the handlebars and landed SMACK on my elbow. It was stupid really. I have ridden that spot dozens of times and clear it all the time. Just the wrong gear this time for some reason. I was glad I was with a group. My buddy patched me up well enough to ride out. :oops:

I live to ride another day but I am going tomorrow to check out some elbow pads. I want to support local retailers so where should I look ?

Ouch! I’ve managed to avoid any major granite to skin contact so far but enough to make me buy some pads. I couldn’t find much of anything locally. I ended up going cheap to test the waters with some 661 stuff and have been happy with it overall, enough to buy a second set so I can alternate.

I have a set of the 661 stuff as well. As far as LBS, I’m not sure what shop would carry what.

we have some pretty good elbow pads in stock and knee and shin.

FYI- the 661 things I’m using are the Rhythm pads for knees/shins and elbows/forearms with a Subgear shortsleeve shirt for a little chest and shoulder protection. If I had my time back I’d probably go for the long sleeve Subgear shirt with the elbow pads built in.

Cleaned it up a bit this morning

Damn… ‘ow’ indeed!

Wow, nice hit!!! hope for quick recovery!