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Skill: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Location: Kentville NS
Trail Head: Along the top of service road

Paid a visit to Phase 2 last Friday. It’s been many years since I’ve been there, and wanted to see what condition the trail is in.

Most structures (skinnies, hucks) are fallen and rotting. Two important ones - bridges across the stream are intact. The lower one near the bottom is in good shape. The curved bridge in the middle has broken deck boards and is currently sketchy.

Most of the trails themselves seem to be in OK shape. There are some dirt jumps that look to be in OK shape, but I didn’t ride them. I came up a trail marked on Trailforks as Endorphin. Mistake. Looks like Endorphin is a descending trail. Use it to get into the Phase 2 system. You’re better off exiting the system back to the Service Road using the trail at the top of the gully on the Lower Phase 2 - Main side.

Endorphin is definitely much more fun in the descending direction. Some pretty steep sections to climb up in the opposite direction. :sweat: