The non-road portions get wet as fack the farther you go (of course) on the Martock side.

A group of us are considering doing Panuke this week…

Can anyone comment on what kind of shape its in these days? And the approximate duration of the offroad section…

Also, and chance someone has this tracked (GPS)?


Where are you starting? Is there still a trail that goes around the lake?

We were going to start at Panuke lake, with a car waiting at the trail end shown on the map (past Martock) in the MTB guide.
I’m not familiar with the trail at all…

I know that in general the fireroads in that area are quite dry most of the time but the little bit of doubletrack around the lake that I’ve been on is wet wet wet at the best of times. That’s my experience from the Ellershouse side but I’m not sure what it’s like on the St. Croix side. Let us know how it goes!