Pedal Driven Doc

If anyone has Netflix there’s an excellent documentary on there called “Pedal Driven”. It’s about the conflict between managers of public lands and MTB trail builders/users. It’s definitely worth a look.

Here’s a link to the website and trailer for the doc.


Yeah I watched that a few weeks ago. It was a pretty interesting if you are into mountain biking.

Has anyone ever seen the slasher movie where the bad guy is a mountain biker who kills people in the local State Park by tail-whipping and cutting the throat of his victim with the big chain ring? It is a terrible movie but kinda cool to see mountain biking in this way.

I forget what it is called and I am too lazy to google search it.

I will need to watch both of these. The first one because it sounds interesting, and the second, well, because I can.

I think this is the one I was referring to

Here is another mountain bike movie too: