Pedaltrout Festive Get Together - Dec 17th

Well folks, as the year draws neigh and the big day approaches, we can all look forward to our year end party. This year we will be at Sobeys on Sackville Drive, Tuesday December the 17th from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM in the community room. No need to bring anything, as there is lots to chose from in the store. Coffee and tea will be provided, and Pedaltrout will also have some light fare there to get things started.

Look forward to meeting new and old friends, reliving some good times and rides, watching some video of the past year’s events, and generally just having a great time. Sobeys only asks that you don’t bring in things that Sobeys doesn’t sell. So don’t show up with President’s Choice pop, but if you want to show off you sandwich or cookie skills, that’s fine.

So, we hope to see you all there. It’s a great time to put some names to usernames to faces. And it’s sure to be a few laughs!

When: Tuesday December 17th
Where: Sobeys, 752 Sackville Drive
What: Seasonal Get together

Bring: yourself, pick up some food at Sobeys and enjoy!

Working on videos and pics from this years’ rides. Gonna be a hoot!


Any chance for a pre party bike ride? Weather permitting of course.

I’d be willing depending on my work schedule, which I will check and post up later.

Tomorrow night is coming fast folks. Just ask where the community room is when you get there. This is a different Sobeys from last year. The big one right on Sackville Drive.

Is this festive or festivus… the difference is paramount! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good times! It was good to see everyone who came out. For those who didn’t make it out, have a Great Holiday Season!