Pedaltrout has google problems

The site is poorly represented in Google searches.

If you open an incognito mode window and then go to and search for “” you get a page where the first four hits are not even the site itself. After that is is all bad links to old stuff and no where is the main pedal trout page to be found. Cogeyed is even in there and it has almost no pulse.

Google mostly relies on sites linking to pedaltrout for search rankings. We need to improve this somehow.

Also, our facebook page does not have a link to either. It has a title “” but there is no underlying link anywhere (except occasionally in the newsfeed).

I really think we can make the site much more vibrant and lively if we can solve the search problem. Up and comers getting into mountain biking and looking for a community to share their interest will not easily find the site.

How can we fix this?


Wow! I can’t believe Cogeyed is still turned on.

Yeah… Search engine optimization is a big topic. I’m no expert in it, but I could get us better coverage.

Its a time thing. ANd right now I have zero to deal with it :).

Looking much better now that we are being indexed again. Pedal trout is top of its own search now.