Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly Mountain Bike Ride July 30th

The Pedaltrout Weekly Mountain Bike Rides are suitable for anyone. We welcome all ages and skill levels. All you need is a mountain bike in working order and a helmet to enjoy the ride.

The consensus seems to be to head to Whopper this coming Tuesday. We are going to use a different entrance. Meet at the Parking lot adjacent to the Coke Plant in the Lakeside Industrial Park.

For the uninitiated, the Whopper trails have a granite base, and can offer a more technical ride. As with all our rides, we do our best to ensure everyone is safe, and enjoys themselves!

Time: 7pm.

18 Lakeside Park Dr Lakeside, NS,-63.688931&hl=en&ll=44.640849,-63.688935&spn=0.006603,0.013937&sll=44.641033,-63.688549&sspn=0.006634,0.013937&t=h&z=17

Might try to make it out to this one… how late does it stay light now? I’m not equipped for riding in darkness…

We’re not riding with lights these days. (just The Force)

Ended up revisiting the Range/Hogs Back instead. Hope it was a good ride!

Got a little dodgy when it got dark and we were still in the woods, but fun as always haha

I hope to be there next week. Any pics for the pic per ride thread.

Thanks to all who came out for this epic ride! It was fun.

Good ride tonight!

Yeah, nice to meet a lot of you out there tonight. Hope to come out again.

Anybody know the head count we had for this ride? It was a big turnout.

By the way, here is the rout we took: … 5d4b6dd11e

I think if we left at 6:30, we would have been clear of the light issues.

I’m pretty sure there were 15. It was an awesome ride, even if we could hardly see for the last little bit of the ride


Is this how we find out that we lost someone in the darkness?

I have one spare light that can be used on future rides. I’ll have them charged and ready to go each Tuesday evening.

Did the video of the drop turn out? would like to see it

Sure did. Honestly, it looked a lot higher in person eh?

So this is from a ride me and mike did on the trails behind my house. (4 wheeler slop holes)… the pic really does make Beaver Bank look like a Boreal Rain Forest :slight_smile:


Where was that drop Kinger did?

Ya I think it looks lower because we cant see the landing. Ken that drop is right down by the lake on the “suzie west” I think they call it?? way deep in