Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - 04/29

Hey folks,

Back in the saddle again this Tuesday! We are having some rain again so let’s ride Whopper again. The ttrails can’t be hurt and it’s an exciting ride!

Heads up to those uninitiated to Whopper it is a technical trail. Lights may or may not be needed for the last part of the ride.

When: Tuesday, April 29th 700pm
Where: Whopper, parking lot by Burger King

See you there!

If you own lights, I would recommend them. Towards the end of last week it got dark. I was able to get out but it wasn’t ideal. So do bring em if you got em. If you don’t got em, you’ll be able to get out tho.

Great ride everybody! Good to see we had 15 again.

Technical stuff was a blast.

That was a lot of fun. Depending on weather next week we’ll try to get to a trail less technical. It’s good to mix it up and try something a bit different.

2 weeks ago Whopper kicked my ass. Last night I was kicking its ass going up and down things I haven’t been able to for over a year due to either confidence or fitness. I have em both back now… then whopper kicked my bikes ass and broke my deraillure hanger :slight_smile: Oh well big deal. I actually wanna go back and do lake loop again now. My goodness a proper trail bike makes it easy on the back.

So would Whopper be good to ride tonight do you think? It’s not too wet?

No, its good.

Awesome. I will be ripping it tonight then