Pedaltrout./Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride Aug 26th

Looks like another great week to ride bikes. This Tuesday let’s visit the trails at Nine Mile River.

Directions to follow this evening…

This trail is mostly gravel path with some rougher, narrower spots. Super fun trail suitable for all levels of riders.


Drive on highway 102 to Exit 7
Turn right
Stay straight until Y in road Turn Left on Old Enfield Road (will be home hardware, gas station and fire station at intersection)
Stay right to Enfield Rd and drive to the parking lot of the nine mile river trail system (on the left). There is a good parking lot, but the sign is only visible when you are very close to the entrance.

It’s not a really long trail but sundown is just after 8 pm - if you bring a light we can ride bikes longer :slight_smile:

was just up there on monday and he trails are in great condition. there are a couple of threes down but only one that we had to dismount for. we tried the hiking trail from the opposite direction that we usually take and found that it was a lot more enjoyable. so try going out to the lake first then turn left and climb up the hill to the hiking trail which will be on your left and try it in that direction. oh and watch out for broken slats on those bridges, very dangerous for cyclist’s.