Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB ride - Feb 11th

Here we are with another Tuesday almost upon us. That means of course, the weekly MTB ride.

The snow has provided us with some great options for riding this week. Wrandees is in great shape as is Shubie park. Spider should be in pretty good shape too I assume. This makes for a really tough choice.

Let’s ride Spider Lake. I haven’t laid rubber on skull in a bit.

Where: Spider Lake
When: Tuesday, Feb 11th,
7:00 pm start

Bring your bike, a charged light, wear appropriate clothing, and come out and have some fun! Everyone welcome!

No studs required?

None required.

But if we are a giant stud, we’re allowed right?


Then I’m out. self-zing!

Great ride! We rode Rep, the main road and part of skull, then down ribbon. Some parts got dicey, but overall very good ride. It’s always better to be outside than on the couch!

It was great to finally meet you Derek!

Yeah it was nice to put some faces to the usernames. Thanks again for the great ride - already looking forward to the next one.

Yeah, it was fun. Hopefully, next time the ground is a bit firmer and we can get a few more kms in.

My GPS conked out last night, wouldn’t mind seeing our route/distance on a map if anyone has it.

Was Spider beaten down enough to ride? I wouldn’t have thought that

It was but since it was beaten down we had a couple inches of fluffy snow over night. There was a good base under that. Additionally, there had been some foot traffic since the snowshoers that made it rough.