Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - Feb 25th

I will be checking conditions this evening at Wrandees for the ride tomorrow evening. I’m thinking if we get what mother nature is saying we should have excellent conditions.

Okay, just got back from Wrandees and conditions are very good. With the cold weather tomorrow they’ll be even better.

Studs aren’t totally necessary but a good idea if you have them. We’ll meet at the parking lot off of st margerat’s bay road where the dog walkers meet.

Where: Wrandees
When: 7:00pm

Remember to charge your lights, wear warm clothing and get ready for some awesome winter riding.

Another great ride. Trail was nice and crisp. A little pocked from Walkers but not bad at all.

Pipeline was a blast in the section by the river. I’ve been itching to ride that section all winter. Could use a chain saw at points though.

Super fun. My arms are pooched from lifting the front doing pedal kicks over the ice breaks and rocks. And we only took a few wrong turns…

There’s no wrong turns, it’s all good. I’m getting spoiled by all this sweet winter riding though.