Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - Jun 24

Hey folks,

Sorry for the late post.

Let’s do something a bit different and hit up Spider Lake. For those uninitiated, this is a more technical trail with plenty of rocks and some short steep ascents/descents.

We will meet at the Burger King parking lot area in Bayers Park.

Where: Whopper
When: June 24, 7 pm

And by “Spider Lake”, he means “Whopper”!!! Lol.

Can’t believe I did that. Was too early in the morning for me I guess.

Good ride. Too bad you missed it, riderx.

It think we might have had 10-12 people. A new fellow on a dirt jumper too.

We did a lake loop (Lab Pass) to the split and then went to the right and out to power lines. Good workout.