Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - June 10th


Looks like some beautiful weather for this week!

I’m thinking riding the Cobequid Trail. I’m just waiting on final confirmation from Ken but I’m posting I can change location if necessary.


Take Highway 102 towards Enfield
Take exit 7
Turn Left at end of ramp
Turn left on Grant Road (first Left past highway exit)
Drive to end of road and park there.

I will be there this week, no work commitments and I’m off on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing all of you then!

Where: The Cob (see directions above)
When: Tuesday June 10th, 7pm

Hoping to be there… wife has medical appointment in city but may be back for 7… no guarantees.

Hopefully Jetter or D Rolls will be there as they have ridden the new trails. Main trail bridge is still out of commision but the creek can easily be ridden through.

As long as it doesn’t rain, I will be there.

Here’s what it looks like on Strava, if anyone wants a sneak peek of the new stuff (on the bottom right).

I think the forecast is looking good…at least it did Sunday.

Ride is cancelled???

Anyone up for a ride somewhere tomorrow night instead?

Irishman’s road tomorrow eve or avmba is heading to w oodville aka the links.

Poor Bernie didn’t get the memo of the cancelled ride… :expressionless:
I don’t think we got the same amount of rain as the city. When I got back to Enfield the roads were already starting to dry…

I’m busy this evening but I should be free for a ride Thursday evening. Whopper, Spider, whatever.

Sounds good. How about 9 Mile River?

Oh, that’s tempting…I should be able to do that. I’ll send you a message later on.