Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - mar 4th

Pedaltrout offers weekly mountain bike rides year round for riders of all ages and experience levels. We ride the local trails in HRM and sometimes venture a bit further to ride sweet singletrack.

If you are interested in joining us all you need is a bike in working order, a helmet and the proper riding attire (which can be anything from jeans to spandex!)

This weeks’ adventure will be Spider Lake. Word is that studs are not required, but there are some slick spots.

Charge those lights and enjoy the ride. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay inside!

Where: Spider Lake
When: March 4th, 7pm

Great ride! Those trails were down right silky in some places.

Turn out was 8 by my count.

8? Wow, that’s great. Of course I wasn’t there.

Last night was PERFECT!!! One of the best rides I’ve had in a LOOOOOONG time. Thanks guys! Oh, and Russ was hard on my tail! If I wasn’t on the fatbike, he would have spanked me good! Watch out for him. It’s always the strong, silent types… Hope to be back out next week!

Yeah, there was even a samsquatch sighting.


Yeah, there was even a samsquatch sighting.[/quote]

I should even have video footage of the sighting.

The trails were awesome last night. All personal records on strava with the exception of replicator with second best,

Yeah, i PB’d on strava as well it was a hoot. I noticed in in the bottom half of everything for Strava. My goal for this year is to be in the top half. Even if its the bottom of the top :slight_smile:

I did see one of these at the front of the pack with a grin ear to ear most of the time: