Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - May 27th

Hey all,

Just checking all things out for Tuesdays’ ride. Since the weather has been pretty dry lately lets go to Spider Lake.

Where: Spider Lake
When: May 27th, 6:45pm

Boo. Wife is away this week so I can’t ride Tuesday but I’m gonna do THursday hybrid ride.

Kinda sucks as I just converted my fluid to 1x10.

I almost missed it myself so I thought I would point out:

[size=150]Start time: 6:45pm[/size]

Sweet, what did you go with… T32 up front?

Yeah, all i did was remove deraillure and shifter. so 32 up front right now. A 30 might be nice but we shall see how this goes.

Never been to a group ride before, but coming tonight with a buddy. Just meet at the trail head where the road turns to gravel???

Yes, by the gate.

See you there!

It’ll be my first group ride as well, but I’m sure it will be a blast.

How late do the group rides usually last? Will I need to bring lights?

Awesome fun folks! Good to see some fresh faces.

Did anyone get a count?

I believe it was 11.

Great ride as always.

Yes, 11, plus 1 dog.

Great ride indeed. The trails were in fantastic shape.