Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB ride - Sept 30th

Hey All!

Let’s play at the Cob Trail this Tuesday. It’s an awesome trail with some technical spots, some climbing and and some descending.

Directions would be quite useful at this point I suppose.

From Halifax Take exit 7, turn left at the end of the off ramp, cross the overpass, and take your first left. Drive to the end, unload your bike and have a great time!

Be sure to charge your lights!

Where: Cob Trail, Enfield

When: Tuesday Sept 30th 7pm.

See you there!

I won’t be there this evening. I have a commitment in Kentville that I must keep. Have a great Ride!

So will Ken be there to lead? I’m out as well, unfortunately.

Sorry guys… tweaked my back and currently groovin’ to the rhythm of muscle relaxants and pain killers… for those that make it out enjoy.

On a related side note, I got a call and message from dept of resources about a certain bridge that was built across Cob creek. I phoned the guy back about 1/2 hour ago and he said they were cool with it because it was built so well and I just need to sign some paperwork. I offered to take them on the entire trail to include all the built structures in the liability waiver.
So relieved, I thought they were gonna make me tear it down… :slight_smile:

God is good… :sunglasses:

I’m still going…?

And we have a leader! Phew!