Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB rideThe Pedaltrout Weekly

The Pedaltrout Weekly Mountain Bike Rides are suitable for anyone. We welcome all ages and skill levels. All you need is a mountain bike in working order and a helmet to enjoy the ride.

Mother nature is showing that the amazing weather should continue long enough for us to ride Cobequid Trails…finally.

Take highway 102 to enfield exit 7
Turn left at end of ramp
Take first left after overpass.
Drive to end of road, will be cul de sac, park, and ride!

Meet at 6:45 ride at 7:00

Bring lights, and dress appropriately. It gets dark fast now and the evenings are chilly. Beaverbank tuxedos welcome!

Anyone have a spare light they can lend? I have a buddy who wants to come out, but he doesn’t have a light.

We’ll make sure you have one.

Aaron, I hope you and the better half can make it…

Would have loved to have made it out for this… Had stuff to do and couldnt finish in time. Hope it was a blast!

It was horrible.You didn’t miss anything.

I’m also a big fat liar.

That was an awesome ride! Thanks Ken!

It was great to finally get out and enjoy the trails. Ken, you’ve done a great job on the trails, and you are a great ride host!

Huge thanx to the crew that came out… great turnout! I’m always stoked introducing the trails to first timers.

Still mulling over the $100 Snakeline challenge… was blown away by the climbing skills of some of ya’ll… although I doubt the Snake can be charmed.

Also, Mike, we’ll need to work out the logistics for getting that DeerLeg loop race organized… would be cool if we could get some frost in the ground first.

What’s that Ken? Snakeline challenge? I take it that means going up instead of down? Down was a blast but I never even considered up… and I do love a good climb!

Is Snakeline the one that the wooden ramp thingy is on? That would be a heck of a climb.

If it is the main trail that you ride up…been there, done that.

Snakeline is the one with the wooden ramp/bridge thing.

I agree Kirk, I think Snakeline would be a challenge…
some of my friends seem to think otherwise. :roll:

I smell a showdown comin’ on :sunglasses:

I’m in for the challenge!

I will be there, in my ringing attire. I love a good climb and a good challenge.

Still have some prizes that I can ante up for the winner(s) from Sportwheels.