Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly Ride - Jan 7th

It’s time to ride! The trails have been snowshoed this weekend and we are expecting some cooler temps tomorrow so the trails should be mint for a ride.

I’m thinking Spider Lake. 7pm.

Charge your light, dress warm, and let’s ride.

It probably won’t be evident until later in the day, but I’m guessing studs will be needed, or a good choice?

I would say good choice at this point.

Studs definitely advisable

Spider Lake is a sheet of ice, at the start anyway. Studs are needed! See you tonight.

Great ride. The trails were in fantastic shape. Thanks to the trail elves who beat down the snow for us.

Would love to see that footage you taped Jetter.

Great ride! Once I get a chance to check out what I taped and edit it I’ll definitely post it up.