Pedaltrout Weekly Mountain Bike Ride - March 26th

With the return of the snow, and undecided temperatures we’ll keep it on a hardy trail to avoid significant damage.

I’ll post up later tomorrow evening on the final location. I do still want to confirm the conditions of the trails after work tomorrow.

When: March 26th 7:00pm
Where: TBA

Shubie Park. With more traffic the trails should be the best of the available trails. Same spot at the parking lot by the Theatres.

I think this is an awesome awesome spring location. Surface is right but more importantly its great for early season conditioning. Come May I’ll be in the best shape of any spring.

Shubie last week was a blast and a good workout.

I say that every year too… :smiley:

I have ridden Shubie just about every day for the last three weeks including last night.

The only problem there right now is that if you hit the trails that were not cleared (Lake Charles Extension, both sides of the Canal etc) you run into that sloppy, wet, grainy snow. I had to get off my bike twice (gasp!!) last night. As long as you stay on crusher dust it is a great ride. Start at MicMac and you get clear trail all the way to the highway and adds 4km to the ride

Just got back from Shubie also Muddy. The Lake Charles extension is showing a bit more crusher dust every day. The trails are great in the morning before it warms up.
bignose wrote: Come May I’ll be in the best shape of any spring. Me too!! again…
See you all tonight.