PEI Biking Trip

My buds and I are looking at do an overnighter in PEI in September. We will leave Dartmouth early Saturday morning and plan on riding somewhere for the afternoon/evening and then ride a different trail system the next day and arrive back in Dartmouth Sunday early evening

I know some of you have done a similar ride so please fill me in on the who, what, when, where and why

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Brookvale. 100%. Coastline, Surf & Turf, Green Machine and Blue Nuit are all a blast! The other trails are quite good too, but more traditional rough and rooty singletrack, much different than the machine made trails that I listed.

Bonshaw is quite good too, but pales in comparison to Brookvale unless you really like to work to find flow. Strathgartney is also pretty good and worth checking out if you have the time. Or just ride Brookvale again. It’s really good!


Second that! Great little pump track to warm-up / cool-down on. I rode Coastline twice, Surf N Turf once, so good. Bonshaw was also really good, helpful to have a guide to help find the flow. Look up PEI Bike Guy (@murrdogg?) and see if there are any planned group rides. I rode Bonshaw for the first time a couple of weeks ago as part of PEI Bike Guy’s Thirsty Thursday that you can check out to see what the trails are like:


Awesome video! Stoked you were able to join us on the ride. Can I share on my FB page?
And anyone who would like a local guide for a ride here on the Island just give me a shout before you come. If I can’t do it I can find someone who will. We’re super proud of the trails and work being done here and absolutely love to show it off. Thank you to everyone who comes over to enjoy the trails! I know we’re stoked to get across and visit yours!


Thanks! Share away, make sure you tell everyone to hit that thumbs and smash the subscribe button. LOL! Appreciated the tour for sure, and hoping to get back for another rip this season. Will let you know. :slight_smile:

As you should be!

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Honestly I prefer Bonshaw to Brookvale. Loads of flow to be had if you take the right route. (Seems like having a local tour guide helped). You’ll have no lack of climbing there. I would recommend doing PB and J and Skull trail 2x or more. It’s a quick loop but worth it. Attached is my trailforks from Bonshaw and Strangathy. This is a route provided by Bruce Mac who is considered a tour guide by bike PEI for MTB?

Also make sure to ride everything at Brookvale 2x or more. Why? Because it is amazing, that is why!
From what I know stay out of Secret Snake. And St.Catherines also sounds pretty hard.

You wont regret it at all. The trails are wicked.
Food suggestion. Thai Pad food truck in Charlottown. Trust me I love food.

Have a great trip. Trust me you’ll grin ear to ear when you realize the island is a huge pump track.


@murrdogg how are the trails? We were planning on coming over on the 20th. That is a week from this coming Friday. Do you think it will be worth the trip?

@muddy I’ve heard all of Strath and most of Brookvale is clear now. No word on Bonshaw.


Was actually just at brookvale today, there still was a couple closed

The Manager at Brookvale is very good about updating trail status on Trailforks:


“most of Bonshaw is clear of deadfall. Sawmill and hardwood hills and merry-go- round still have trees down but everything else is good.”

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Yeah we are heading over Friday at noon. Planning on a late afternoon/ early evening ride somewhere. Looking forward to it

On m y way to the Island today. Plan on landing around 3 or so. Anyone who wants to show us around this weekend please feel free to reach out


WOW!!! What a place to ride. Like nothing we have here. So bermy, fast and flowy. Crazy fun. I would go back tomorrow if I could

Friday Night we did Strathgartney (thanks for the tour Bill) and then Bonshaw. Strathgartney is old school, raw singletrack. with some long descents and leg busting climbs. There were two climbs that were the gnarliest I have ever seen. I was super proud of myself for making the first one but I left the second one for another day. I would bet not many make these climbs. Then we crossed under the highway and did Bonshaw. Great fun. Fast and flowy. Again lots of climbing We rode from the lower parking lot all the way back to the parking lot at Strathgartney. I was bagged for sure

Saturday we went to Brookvale. OMFG!!! I could have done endless laps on Blue Nuit. It’s one big berm after another and full of kickers for getting air. Then we hit Coastline for much of the same. Some of the trails were closed due to Dorian damage but we managed to hit Surf and Turf, Black Fly and Twisted Shifters. Anything black diamond or double black diamond was easily rideable but must have been given black diamond status because of the climbs. On Black Fly or Twisted Shifters I rode up a very (very) steep climb. I was the only guy in our crew who did it and it was extremely difficult. Right gear and lucky enough to find the line and a huge dose of I think I can. We rode in the morning and afternoon

Sunday we parked at the top of Bonshaw and parked a vehicle at the bottom. We ripped the park again to get all the stuff we missed on Friday. Then back to Brookvale for more balls out fun

There is no better mountain bike trail system in Atlantic Canada than Brookvale. Period. Full stop. Done

If you go there and do not like it I will pay your Confederation Bridge Toll. Not really but you get the idea. :slight_smile: Make plans to go now. We already set dates for our next trip over rummers but that is a whole other post

Just go!

BTW I do not mean any disrespect to Trailflow or MRWA. What you guys have done is incredible as well


I agree but think Bonshaw>Brookvale.