PEI Fat Bike Riders How are the Trails

Hello Islanders. How are the trail conditions in your neck of the woods? I’m thinking about a day trip to ride at Brookvale, but the website says the nordic centre is closed.

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Thanks man, but I don’t do facebook.

The latest from FB…demo woodlot, Strath, Riverside and Rotary park were all groomed tonight with a snowdog.


Thanks man

I did see somewhere that they were doing some forestry work at brookvale and that it was causing some trail closers there. I’m not sure if they are still closed for that or not

you don’t need to be logged in to a facebook account to see it.

That’s how they get you man.

Gairloch has been groomed now too.

And Brookvale nordic trails are open to fat bikes, as of today.

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