PEI Visit: August 1st - 3rd / 4th

I’ll be heading to PEI late next week for gf’s family reunion type stuff, will be bringing a bike. What are the must-hit trails? Anyone who’s up for playing tour guide will find a willing follower. :slight_smile:

Brookvale red right - green machine - blue then blue downhill again then black lines if you like. That see-saw is a must!
Bonshaw start at strath link blue line and the rest of black you’ll hate them :laughing:

I didn’t got lost anymore :wink:

  • from the great tourist J

Just ride everything at Brookvale and everything at Bonshaw. You can’t go wrong it’s all good.


That makes more sense than whatever Jesse said. :joy:

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Forgot to add that’s on trailforks and those are my cheat codes! :wink:

PEI bike guy does thirsty Thursday mtb rides :mountain_biking_man:t5:‍♂:beers:

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Sounds like a few of us are going to be there the next little bit. I should be there the 28th to the 30th. Brookvale, Bonshaw, and probably Strath are the plan in no particular order.

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