Phat Bike Friday

A chill ride

Where: Tommyboy’s
15 Locks rd
(same road brings you to Fairbanks center for Shubie park)
**Difficulty:**Beginner and up

Notes: requires lights , dress warmly, bring change of clothes for firepit

This is not an official ECMTB ride.
Hey folks,
I have been doing this Phat Bike Friday thing for a couple of years and it’s turned into a fun time so I am putting it out there in the ecmtb universe.
So what’s Phat Bike Friday you ask???
Well it is a fun ride intended to end your work week on a high note.
We meet at my place and ride through Shubie to Line 24 or Spider lake and ride some singletrack and ride back through Shubie to my place where we have a fire and a drink or 2.
But I don’t have a Fat bike? you ask…
You don’t need one. It’s Phat Bike Friday not Fat Bike Friday!!!
What’s the dif? you ask…
The dif is that you are riding your Phat bike which is not the same as a Fat bike. It’s your Favorite bike that you think is the Phatest in your arsenal!!!
But you can ride your Fat bike because it might be the funnest bike you own.
This is not a competitive event. We are not out to rip the legs off anyone.
It is a chill ride meant to end your week right with like minded people who enjoy the company of other MTBers…
6:30 start with a hour and a half max ride time
What else do I need to know???
Bring a change of clothes if you are going to stick around for fire
Bring your drink of choice if you are going to stick around for fire
Bring your snack of choice if you are going to stick around for a fire
Bring a chair (I have a bunch but if this becomes a thing…) if you are going to stick around for the fire
Bikes, Beers and Fire…
What could go wrong???
Did I mention there would be a fire???
See you tonight


I am still broken!!!
Fire will be going if anyone wants to ride.

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It’s Phat Bike Friday…
I am not broken anymore!!!
My place.
6:30 start.
All welcome.
Firepit afterwards so bring a warm change of clothes and a beer or 2
Peace out