Photo Gallery Question

Hopefully things will pick up soon. Invite all your friends and encourage them to post. Once a few people start it should snowball! Glad you’re on board, Chris!

Hey, I posted a few pictures in the gallery and then after wards used the photo options page to change the titles from sakfjhaskdh.jpg and such to something like ‘360’ and so on for each picture, but now when i click the picture its not working, error comes up.

What happened here? Was it because I didn’t keep the .jpg at the end perhaps?

Nevermind, seems the links are working now!

Even when I edit it? Because the photo's were already up, I just edited titles.
Seems to work now though so I'm in the clear.

/ No problem on the joining. I actually quite like the way things are set up. Can't wait til the forums get going.