Pizza and Red Bull Rampage

It’s Red Bull Rampage weekend! Sunday night is also Rockhopper and CyclingGirl’s pizza night, so join us for Pizza and the Rampage. 5:00PM on Sunday. Message me for directions.

For those of you who don’t know, the Rampage is an extreme mountain biking competition. Probably the most extreme competition there is. Super steep gnarly lines, knife edge ridges, cliff drops, huge jumps, backflips, 360’s, no-handers… It’s amazing what the riders do.

If you don’t make it to our place, you can watch it on Redbull TV:

The finals have be rescheduled to Friday due to weather concerns.

I noticed that. I think we’re going to stick with Sunday to watch the event. We weren’t planning to watch it live anyway. That way we can rewind or advance as desired. I’ll have to stay off Pinkbike for a few days though, if I want to be surprised.

Claudio Caluori posted a preview run of Rampage. Really gives perspective of how tough the event is. Claudio’s no slouch when it comes to mountain biking, and it scares him. When he rolls up to the Canyon jump, I was terrified!

I am just verifying things, but it’s looking good for me to attend.

Pff. I’m not going if Mike is. He’s so obnoxious!!

I should be able to make it also.

He is, I have to deal with him all the time…