Please Don't Ride Nine Mile River Trail for a few days

Nine Mile River Trail has had about a kilometer of Trailflow work this week. The fresh dirt is quite wet and sticky and needs a few days to dry out. It will rut and boot bomb easily. (Not to mention it will probably clog up your frame and drivetrain and you’ll be spending an hour washing down your bike and cleaning out your shoes.)

Looking forward to riding it when it’s dry!


We were out doing boardwalk repairs at Nine Mile today. The section we were working on was damp and sticky. I think the trail had some rain last night. We were leaving tracks, and we were on the dry part of the reworked section. We decided not to continue to the wetter parts. It still needs a couple more days to dry out.

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Had a look at the trail tonight. Should be OK to ride tomorrow. Still a bit soft and sticky in parts. Ride with care. If you get a chance, get on it before the rain hits Thursday night.


Do you have signs asking people not to ride when necessary? Not everyone is on the internets.

We have a chalkboard at the trailhead and we’ve posted to our Facebook page. We didn’t close the trail - just encouraged people not to ride, understanding that some people would not get the message. Just hoping to reduce the traffic and spread the word.